Dec 9th, 2021

AZDBA Corporate Team Builder - Carvana

Now that Arizona is slowly emerging out of the pandemic shutdown, companies are starting to do more face-to-face activities, including outdoor team building activities.   And the Gilas are leading the way again, partnering with AZDBA to host a young, energetic, and fast-growing auto e-tailing disruptor, Carvana, who are head-quartered right here in Tempe, Arizona.  They are an up-and-coming company, with nationwide offices, with over 20k employees. 

They recently contacted AZDBA wanting to organize a fun and unique Team Building activity, aligning to one of their core values (“We Are All In This Together”).  Like their company, they chose to do something a little more edgy and different, skipping the conventional Spring Training baseball game, or the traditional bowling and pizza outing.

AZDBA secretary and Gila Dragon steersperson, Michele Laye organized a 2-boat team building activity for an afternoon of exciting dragon boat racing.

Michele and Sharon Sebastian served as the instructor-coaches, while fellow Gila Karen Gaylord steered one boat, and Zach Butler steered the other.  Long time Gila Kwok Or handled most of the videography, while long time AZDBA member and current board treasurer, Binal Patel called the start from a Chase Boat loaned to us from the City of Tempe (Thanks Ryan!).

The 2-hour team building afternoon included a portion of time for land instruction, then a portion for water instruction/practice, culminating in a final 350m fun race between the Carvana Red and Grey teams.

This 9-minute video covers the entire team building activities that afternoon, including boat prep, land instruction, water time, culminating in a final 250 race between Carvana Red and Grey.

Here is a shorter 3:30 minute video covering just the final race.

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