August 20, 2022

2022 Northern Nevada Reno International DB Festival

The Northern Nevada International Festival this year was a very special event for the Gilas, as it represented our first Away festival since the pandemic started shutting down Dragon Boat teams and festivals across the nation (the 2019 Portland Rose Regatta was our last Away festival). 
2022 is also a special year for the Gilas as it represents our 20th anniversary!  We had made plans to go to Hawaii to commemorate the occasion, but their festival was also postponed due to the pandemic.  
But the Gilas are a resilient bunch, and after AZDBA restarted, the Gila’s went straight back to work in the water to make up for lost time.  That hard work paid off at this year’s Northern Nevada Dragon Boat festival in Sparks, NV, as the Gilas took the overall Gold medal in the Grand Final of the Premiere Mixed A Division across an international field of teams from California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Alabama, and British Columbia, Canada. 💪   

Highlights from this event:

  • The Gilas took Gold in the Premiere Mixed A Grand Finals
  • We were undefeated in all 3 races, beating second place boat by an average of 5.5 seconds (over 1.5 boat lengths) across all races
  • We had the 3 fastest times across all teams, including the Open Division teams: 2:04.29 (finals), 2:04:79 (prelim), 2:04.95 (semi final)


The mighty Gilas finished the day undefeated, winning the gold in the Premier Mixed A Division in Sparks NV 2022. Go Gilas!! 🏆🥇👍🏽

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