Mock races on Oct 2, 2021

Gilas vs. ASU

In our first race since the pandemic started, the Gilas and the Arizona State University dragon boating team had a great set of 4 races on Oct 2 2021. The Gilas took victory in all 4 races.

Race 1 & 2: 400m
Race 3 & 4: 200m

Some items of note:
  • Our 6-6-6 stroke rates for a race are all much higher than what we achieve at practice – no doubt some of it due to the adrenaline/ excitement of racing.
  • No matter who the strokes were, the 6-6-6 start stroke rates were about the same across all the races 
  • The race body stroke rate for the 400m was just a tad slower than the 200m (200m race was pretty much an all out blitz 🙂 )
  • Our top speed for the Race #3 200m was a whopping 15.84 kph !!


A big shout-out to Bruce, Ben and Ignacio for the amazing footage of all of our races, and for putting together these videos.

Also thanks to Ben for the stroke-by-stroke data below.

Gilas vs ASU


View the stats sheet for races 1, 3 & 4 by opening the Google Sheet here, or scroll around below. 👇
Each race is on its own tab. 

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